As I’ve been working on VEX.blue for a little while now I thought I’d work on a little update. So let’s start from the beginning as it’s been a while.


Who am I? – I’m Sam the founder of VEX.blue LTD.

What is VEX.blue? – VEX.blue / VEX.blue LTD. is a company based in the UK made for Video Editing as well as other online services.


  • I’ve been working hard at trying to get our banking solved as we currently can’t accept payments.
  • Our Website now successfully connects to the Fediverse for posts such as this one through ActivityPub.
  • NEW Business Cards have been designed and are ready to be ordered once our Banking is solved our current ones do not have the correct company name.
  • The Push for Clients to edit for haven’t started yet but will start soon, especially as our banking should be solved within the next week or so.
  • First Edits for Clients; We hope to give away the first edit for a new client for free as well as are thinking about giving a existing client a free edit for getting a new client involved (THIS IS ONLY A IDEA AS OF THE MOMENT).
  • Progress Slowed for a few days from October 20th due to losing myself in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

I’d like to thank everyone that has tried to help me achieve where I’d like VEX.blue to be and hope that I can continue to make progress, even if it is slow as of the moment.

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