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  • UPDATE 3

    I have further updated the website to be a little bit closer to a useable/user-friendly experience by updating the front page to not have useless information as well as the text inside of each service being updated to sound more flowy as well as giving an easy contact form of valid pages.

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  • Issue with Kbin finding my posts

    I’ve been having an issue with from finding my posts on the #Fediverse. This is a smaller test post to see if I can find it now… Probably not.

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  • UPDATE 2

    I know it has been less than 24 hrs since my last update but I’d like to update on the progress/development of everything so far.

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  • UPDATE 1

    As I’ve been working on for a little while now I thought I’d work on a little update. So let’s start from the beginning as it’s been a while. QUESTIONS Who am I? – I’m Sam the founder of LTD. What is – / LTD. is a company based in…

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  • Welcome to

    Welcome to

    Hey everyone, I’m Sam from I hope to be updating you on what is going on with Currently we are updating our website with a better back-end allowing it to not only be cheaper for us but also work more fluently. Sadly we lost the function of In-person purchases as of the moment…

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